Stampede Drumline

Thank you to all who participated in this years Stampede Drumline.  This year marks a tremendous milestone for the group.  We have collectively decided to keep the group going year long.  Such an impressive group of individuals.  I could not be more proud of this group.

Some things are changing for us.  First of all our location is moving from the downtown location to the Belt highway.  This should increase our exposure to the general public and spark more interest.  The Stampede will be meeting at the Bode Ice Arena for the next couple of rehearsals due to lack of space at the Belt location.  We are working on a more permanent meeting location.  More to come later.

Drum Monkey would like to extend a heartfelt thanks and best wishes to Bryan Alford.  He was as pillar in our community of drummers and a sad loss now that he has moved away.  We wish him the best in his new efforts.

Stampede’s next performance will be at the Southside Fall Festival.  We will march in the parade which will line up at Kovac’s King Hill Plaza.  We will need to be there at 8am in the morning with our instruments and banner.  We are looking for two people to walk the banner if you are interested.  This parade is not the longest but should be one of the largest crowds.  Let’s make it a good one.

Play order for the parade is as follows:

Loco-Ambush Paddington-Hornet-Groove-Groove Machine-Rumble Burger-Shadence-Breather (Rest)

Sectionals need to be held before this performance.  If you are having problems scheduling let me know.


Our second agenda is known by a few all ready but will be made known to all in the coming months.  Stay tuned.

Kyle Milligan

Director Stampede Drumline


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