We live in a world of instant information and unprecedented convenience. At Drum Monkey, we realize this means we must provide you with unique services in comparison to others in the industry. This is why we strive to offer services that cannot be found anywhere else! We work hard to craft innovative ideas to keep our clients playing and happy.

One such service is our Preferred Client Listing. All you have to do to join this list is sign up and place an order with us. Once your order is placed, we promise to keep any item you own in stock in our store. The Preferred Client Listing will allow us to tailor our inventory to you personally. This includes all perishables that a drummer might go through quickly: sticks, heads, cymbals, and accessories. You can count on always having any item you need at any time! If you like ProMark 5A sticks, order them from us! Those sticks will always be in stock when you sign up with us. It’s like having your own personal store!

Along with the Preferred Client List, we offer emergency services.  Our emergency services offer you two main benefits. The first is an emergency kit tailored just for you.  Tell us what type of playing you do and how often you play, and we will make an emergency kit that will keep you playing if something happens on the road.  These will have drum heads, sticks, tension rods, lugs, cymbal felts, or anything that can and will break down just when you need them.  The second is our on call service.  If the emergency kit isn’t for you, call Steve, Kyle, or one of our staff after hours if something should happen to fail during your gig.  We will run by the shop and drop it off to you at your gig!  Though this sounds rare, it happens; we have seen more than one drummer go down due to bad circumstance that we would have been able to help.

Another service that we offer is Drum Tuning.  So many times we spend hours and hours on getting that one drum to sound just right.  It can be pain-staking, irritating, hard work.  Just when you get the drum where it sounds great , you break a head or the weather changes, and suddenly knocks them all out of whack.  We offer professional tuning in our shop.  Just drop them off in the morning and pick them up that afternoon.  This also a great service if you plan to re-head your kit.

Yet another service we offer is drum repair. From custom lugs, rods, wraps, and even bearing edges, we can fix it.  If your drum is hurtin’, bring it on in for some TLC.  We’ll make it sing again.

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