Our professional staff offers a wide variety of eight week lessons for students of all ages, including group/ensemble lessons for snare, drum set, and world percussion instruments. We also offer carefully structured private lessons by appointment only to allow each student’s individual needs and goals to be addressed.

We offer three basic classes for students in private studies:Academic Path, Practical Path, and Musicianship Path

On the Academic Path, students will be taught fundamentals such as stick grip technique and posture. Starting on a single drum, students will grow and learn as percussionists, eventually moving to multiple drums. This Natural Progression Approach is a proven process of teaching multiple fields and has a successful track record for many different kinds of students. This path also offers multiple chances at live performances in front of an audience as a soloist or as part of an ensemble. Students will even be prepared for college band auditions!

The Practical Path focuses on just getting out there and having fun.  Most students in this course want to know how to play the drum set.  No problem!  With only a few lessons we can have you playing your favorite songs on the radio.  With continued instruction you will be able to not only copy what you hear, but you will be able to create your own parts using basic principles of soloing and time keeping.  You will play multiple styles while concentrating on the fundamentals of each.  This course is recommended for those who know they will not be trying to earn a degree in music but would rather be able to play in a band and maybe earn a little extra on the side.

The Musicianship Path is for students who are working on competition pieces for district or state music contests, auditions, or any student looking for instruction toward a specific goal.  Each student will have many chances to play in front of people they do not know in order to prepare them for the anxiety often accompanied with these types of performances.  It will also help those who just want a little variety from what they’ve been doing for years.  These classes offer the student an outside perspective on what it takes to make the drums into a ‘musical’ instrument.  This is what competition judges are looking for and what will score thousands of dollars in scholarships.  This is also a good course if you need a little extra help in band class.

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