Pearl Forum Series Five Piece Drumset with Paiste/Zildjian Cymbals

Pearl Forum #2






Current model Five piece set.  Includes: 22×18 BD, 14×6 SD, 12×10 MT, 13×11 MT, and 16×16 FT.  Wood shells appear to be in excellent condition but the wrap shows significant signs of damage. (Shown in pictures)  Set also comes with throne and pedal, hi-hat stand and two cymbal stands, one with additional tilt boom.  (total of three mounting cymbals)  Cymbals include 1 set of paiste 14″ 402 nickel silver, 1 paiste 10″PST splash, 1 paiste 16″ 402 nickel silver crash, and 1 Zidjian 20″ ZBT Plus medium ride. Also included is a LP hoop mounted cowbell.  Great condition.  Great set for beginner or someone looking for the next step in their sound.

1976 Slingerland 5pc Black Diamond Pearl $600.00 OBO

Slingerland 76 #4

Price Reduced!! This set is from the 70’s.  We are not for sure as to the exact year but the serial number on the badges puts it between 1976 and 1978.  It has the black diamond pearl finish which is in good condition. The set includes 12×8, 13×9 bass mounted toms and  a 16×16 floor tom.  A 22×15 bass drum rounds out the bottom end.  The snare is a metal 14×5.  Hardware included with this set contains (1) snare stand, (1) Tempo King bass pedal, (1) hi-hat stand, (2) straight  cymbal stands.  It also has another Tempo King bass pedal that does not have a beater with it.  The bass drum comes with a hard case.  All hardware is original to the kit.  The only thing that has been updated is the tom mount which has been refabricated.

Royce 14″ Snare Drum $65.00 OBO

Royce Snare #1

Chromed Steel 14″ Snare drum.  Rims show some minor wear and tear.  Snares and bottom head are in mint condition.  Great beginner’s snare or back up for a drum set.

Pearl Signature Omar Hakim 13″ Snare Drum $200.00

Pearl Omar Hakim #1

Pearl Signature Series Omar Hakim 13″ Snare Drum.  Made from 6 plys of African Mahogany, this 13×5 piccolo snare will power through any type of music.  Unbelievable sound!!  This is in perfect condition aside from needing a new batter head.  Snares are perfect as is the finish.

DMP Refurbished Snare Drum $100.00 OBO

DMP Snare 1

Refurbished Snare Drum.  Chrome over steel.  Immaculate condition cosmetically. Measures 14″ x 6″.  Throw and rims are in perfect condition.  Snares are missing 5 strands and should be replaced but has not affected the sound of this drum.  Top head is a used Falam 1st generation head.  Bottom head is a new Remo Ambassador snare side head.  This snare sounds awesome on a kit.

Tama Rockstar Snare Drum $67.00 OBO

Tama Rockstar Snare 4

Tama Rockstar Snare Drum.  Black lacquered wood stain.  Has some blemishes in wood. (see pictures)  Measures 14″ x 6″.  Chrome hardware and throw are in excellent condition.  No signs of aging or pitting.  Batter head is not original and well beaten.  Will Need replacing.  Bottom head is a new Remo Ambassador snare side head.

1965/69 Slingerland 5 Piece Drumset $450

1965/69 Slingerland 4 Piece Drumset

A Vintage 1965/69, 5 piece Slingerland Drumset.  The tom sizes include 8×12 (1965) (modified to fit onto a ’69 tom mount, professionally done), 9×13 (1969), and 14×14 (1965).  The bass drum is 22×16 (1969).  The snare is a 14″ Remo.  It has the same wrap as the Slingerland and matches quite well in timbre.  Hardware includes a Pearl bass drum pedal and a Yamaha Hi-Hat stand.  No cymbals included.

Ludwig 5 Piece Set $800.00

Ludwig Accent 2

Ludwig accent 3Ludwig Accent 4






Used Black Ludwig Accent CS Combo Power drum set which features 9 ply, 8mm selected veneer shells and a durable double post style tom holder.. Drum sizes include 12×9 tom, 13×10 tom, 16×16 tom, 22×18 bass drum, 14×6 snare. Cymbals include 14″ Zildjian Mastersound hi-hats (Great condition). Hardware includes L222SS Snare Stand, L216HH Hi-Hat Stand, and an L215FP Bass Drum Pedal.  Black wrap on bass drum is slightly warped.  See pictures.

Zildjian “A” series 20″ China with Sizzle Rivets $100.00

Zlidjian China #1

Zildjian vintage “A” Series 20″ china with Sizzle Rivets.  This has no signs of wear on the mounting hole.  There is one rivet missing and another about to come loose.  All others are well intact.  Still has the callsic Zlidjian sound.  Great addition to the effects on any set.

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