Sabian XS Series and B8 Crash

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IMG_0096 (640x480)IMG_0097 (640x480) IMG_0098 (640x480)Sabian XS Series cymbals have a bright attack and fairly quick decay.  They cut through most styles of music well.  These cymbals are in great shape with no visible signs of key-holing.  the B8 Crash is an excellent starter sound for anyone getting into the trade.  It makes for a well rounded crash and can be paired up with most any other cymbal to create your own distinctive sound.  Cymbals are being sold separately but can be bundled together for a slightly better cost.  They are as follows: XS 14″ crash $60.00, XS 16″ Crash $80.00, XS 20″ Ride $150.00, B8 16″ Crash $50.00.  All bought together-$320.00.  A 20 dollar savings if you buy the set.

Gibraltar 9607ML-DP Hi-Hat Stand $160.00

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IMG_0086 (640x480)This is a brand new, pre-owned but never used Gibraltar 9607ML-DP Hi-Hat stand.  Built to take punishment, it has some of the smoothest action in the store.  Retail on this is $220.00 but you get it now for only $160.00.  Come by and check it out or give us a call.

Ludwig Liteweight Hi-Hat Stand

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IMG_0088 (640x480)This is a Owned but never used Ludwig Lightweight Hi-Hat stand.  Action is good and clutch is original.  $40.00

Ludwig Heavyweight Hi-Hat Stand

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IMG_0087 (640x480)Item is the two-legged heavyweight Hi-Hat stand with the collapsible third leg for stability on un-level ground. This stand was bought as a “Try it out” stand and has never seen any real action.  Like factory, this stand is in perfect condition.  Clutch is original and included with the stand.  $75.00

Humes & Berg Hard Cases

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IMG_0089 (640x480)IMG_0090 (640x480) IMG_0091 (640x480)Owned but never used!!!!!  Too good to be true?  Think again.  We have 5 cases ready to go from Humes and Berg.  These are the Enduro line hard shell outside and lined with foam on the inside.  Check out the photos.  The cases are as follows (Width x Height): 14″ x 10″, 16″ x 16″, 22″ x 19″ drum cases.  The hardware case is 24″ x 12″ x 24″ tall.  The cymbal bag will hold up to  a 22″ cymbal.  It is compartmentalized and has wheels with a telescoping handle.  This is a spectacular deal for anyone needing to protect their investment.  The whole lot  is $405.00.  Current retail on them is just over a grand.  That’s over half off.  What a deal.  To make the offer better we can break them up if you only need one or a couple.  Give us a call.

Premier 5 Piece Shell Pack $365.00

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IMG_0078 (640x480) IMG_0079 (640x480) IMG_0077 (640x480)Premier Cabria five piece shell pack in purple wood grain. Includes: 22×18 BD, 14×5.5 SD, 12×5.5 MT, 13×10 MT, and 16×16 FT. Wood shells are in great condition. Wrap has a few minor scratches with the high Tom having a large one on the bottom side. All heads are in good condition. Hardware included consist of hi-hat stand, cymbal stand, and foot pedal.  Hi-hat and crash ride cymbal are also included Great set for someone wanting to start out or to use as a practice set.

Mapex Tornado 5 Piece Set $299 obo

Mapex 1

Mapex Tornado black 5 piece kit. Includes: 22×18 BD, 14×5.5 SD, 12x10MT, 13×12 MT, 16×16 FT, Hi-hat stand, pedal, and straight cymbal stand. The shells show no damage but the wrap has some flaws. Mainly cosmetic scratches and a small amount of buckling. Heads are worn and should be replaced when you get the chance. Perfect beginner set.

Pearl Single Bass Pedal $65.00 OBO

Pearl Single Pedal.  Great shape with very little wear and tear.  Action is good and no real scuff marks to speak of.  Beater is in good shape as well.

Yamaha HS800 Series Hi Hat Stand $65.00 OBO

Like new HS 800 Series Hi Hat stand.  Mint Condition.  Action is still accurate.  Little use.  Clutch included.

Hard Shell Drum Cases from Humes and Berg $200.00 OBO

Case #5a










Four hard shell drum cases from Humes and Berg.  3 are the Fibre Case and 1 is the Enduro.  Sizes are as follows;

15×10, 16×11, 26×19 in Fibre Cases and the Endure at 17×16.  Straps are in perfect condition.  No signs of wear.  Cases show little to no signs of battle scars.  The cases have barely been used.  Great buy for someone needing a little extra protection for very little price.

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