Pearl Export 5 piece Kit with Cymbals $750 obo

Pearl Export

Pearl ExportPearl Export Five piece set.  Includes: 22×18 BD, 14×6 SD, 12×10 MT, 13×11 MT, and 16×16 FT.  Wood shells appear to be in excellent condition with only a few minor scratches.   Set also comes with pedal, hi-hat stand and two cymbal stands.  Cymbals include 1 set of Sabian 14″ Hi-hats, 1 Sabian B8  16″ crash, and 1  Sabian B8 18″  Crash/ Ride.   Great condition.  Tom heads are original to set. All heads in good condition.  Great set for someone looking to upgrade fromtheir beginner set or looking for a great sounding gig set.

Zildjian 14″ MasterSound Hi-Hats $350.00

Zildjian Masterworks #4

14″ Zildjian MasterSound Hi-hats.  Mint Condtition.  Rarely used.  Few stick marks on top hat.

Peavey 5pc Black Set w/Cymbals and Throne $150.00

IMG_0103 (640x480)

IMG_0102 (640x480) IMG_0103 (640x480) IMG_0104 (640x480)Peavey Entry level set with cymbals and throne.  Floor tom is mounted in current style with snare stand.  Legs are not with it.

Taye Studio Maple BeBop Kit

IMG_0100 (640x480)

IMG_0099 (640x480) IMG_0100 (640x480) IMG_0101 (640x480)Taye Studio Maple Bebop Kit in Classic Walnut Finish.  Bass Drum is 18″ x 14″, 14″ x 14″ Floor Tom, 12″ x 8″ Rack Tom, and 14″ x 5″ Snare Drum.  Pristine looks with Superior sound quality.  Innovative hardware designs round out the kit to make it very easy to find just the right set up for you.  Mix and match your favorite cymbals with this kit for the best kit of the month.  Come in and see how beautiful this kit really is. $2000.00 for shell pack and hardware.

Tama Star Classic Performer $1000.00

IMG_0069 (640x480)

IMG_0070 (640x480) IMG_0066 (640x480) IMG_0067 (640x480) IMG_0068 (640x480) IMG_0069 (640x480)The Star Classic Birch Performer kit is in fair condition.  Shells are in excellent condition with a few minor nicks and dings.  Newer heads have been put on it to help you hear the potential this set has.  Beautiful finish and maculate hardware complete this set.  A Peace double bass drum pedal is included along with hi-hat and snare stand.  The snare drum is not Tama. Two Cases are also included, a small tom and the bass drum pedal cases.

Yamaha Stage Custom 5pc Set $400.00

IMG_0072 (640x480)

IMG_0071 (640x480) IMG_0072 (640x480) IMG_0073 (640x480)Yamaha Stage Custom 5pc shell pack.  Includes 22″ bass drum, 10″, 12″, 14″ toms.  A 14×5.5″ snare completes the kit.  Shells are in excellent condition.  You won’t find a better gig set than this.

Tama Power Tower Rack $400.00

IMG_0074 (640x480)

IMG_0074 (640x480) IMG_0075 (640x480) IMG_0076 (640x480) IMG_0095 (640x480)The Tama Power Tower rack is a clever way to disguise your set into something totally different.  if you are tired of caring so many stands around and want a sleeker way to display your awesomeness this is the tool you need.  Standard sized bars allow you to use either Tama brand or Gibraltar or most other mfg’s accessories.  Rack comes with what is shown plus a few extra bars.  All of this can be carried away with the included carrying bag.  $400.00 or best offer.

Set of 3 Remo Roto-Toms $125.00

IMG_0094 (640x480)

IMG_0092 (640x480) IMG_0093 (640x480) IMG_0094 (640x480)Remo Roto toms were a staple back in the ’80s.  Now you can relive that experience with these beauty’s.  They are in fair condition.  New heads would be encouraged but they are still playable now.  They come with the stand.  $100.00 or best offer.

Tama Superstar Birch 5pc Shell Pack with Cymbal Stands $900.00

IMG_0082 (640x480)

IMG_0080 (640x480) IMG_0081 (640x480) IMG_0082 (640x480)Early ’70s Tama Superstar Birch Drumset.  A whopping 24″ bass drum provides the biggest foundation you’ll ever need on a kit.  This is a well used and well maintained kit for the hard core rocker who likes to play out.  There are a few minor nicks and dings on this gig set but nothing that will interfere with the resonance of the drums.  The toms are 10″, 12″, 14″, and 15″.  the 15″ used to be a mounted tom and can be again if you get the tom mount.  Hardware included is a hi-hat stand, bass pedal, 3 large boom stand, 1 straight stand and two tom stands.  asking price is $900.00 or best offer.

Ludwig 1966 Bop Kit $400.00

IMG_0084 (640x480)

IMG_0085 (640x480)IMG_0083 (640x480)IMG_0084 (640x480)Ludwig 1966 bop kit.  (Snare not included) kit comes with 22″ bass drum, 16″ Floor tom, and 12″ consollette mounted tom.  Hardware included with this shell pack are 1 straight cymbal stand (needs washers) 1 hi-hat stand (Original clutch included), and bass drum mounted cymbal stand (needs washers and wing nut.  Asking price is $400.00 or best offer.  The set needs a little TLC to bring it back into full “Swing.”  Shells and wrap are in very good condition.

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